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with smart refinancing.

Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. is a Mortgage Banker. However, unlike depository institutions, we are not a single source lender. We embrace a lending model which gives us the flexibility to offer our customers a variety of loan programs at competitive rates.

We control every step of the loan process in-house (Chapel Hill and Raleigh):  decisions are made locally regarding (point of contact origination / appraisal and processing / underwriting / closing / funding).  Our control ensures that your loan proceeds quickly and efficiently.


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Should I refinance?

By refinancing, you can lower the amount of interest you pay on your existing loan and lower your monthly mortgage payments.

A historic "rule of thumb" is that it is worth the cost of refinancing if you can reduce your interest rate by at least 2%. However today, many lenders think lowering the rate by even 1% is worth a refinance. We can help you assess your options for refinancing.

Refinance /  Break-Even Point Calculator

Find out how long it will take to
"break-even" on a refinanced loan.

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